So once you get some cake, you want to make sure it is enjoyed in the best possible condition, so here are a few tips.

Keep your cake cool, and away from bright lights. You can store your cake in the fridge, but it's a good idea to let it rest at room temperature for 30 minutes or so before serving.

Properly stored your cake will stay fresh for at least a week (With the exception of 'nude' cakes, they will start to dry out and stale after 2-3 days).

If you don't eat the whole cake at once (I know, who are we kidding here right?!) - then storing it properly will let you enjoy the left-overs later. Rule 1, cover! Air is your cakes enemy, that moist cake will dry out quickly if left uncovered. Take some plastic wrap and drape it over any exposed edges of the cake from where you cut into it, then gently press the plastic wrap against the cake to keep the moisture inside where it belongs. Rule 2, is the same as when you have fresh cake, keep it cool, keep it away from bright lights.

Freezing? Some cakes survive freezing better than others - but the general tip is to wrap the cake well in plastic wrap, then in alu-foil before you freeze it. When you're ready to eat it, move it to the fridge the night before, and then let it sit at room temp for a couple of hours before serving - for the love of Cake, do NOT microwave defrost a frozen cake, or pop it in the oven to warm it up - you will get an unholy mess.


Knowing how much cake to order can be a bit of a struggle - but we strive to make it as simple as possible, while still having an idea in your head about how your cake will look.

As a general rule, party cakes, seasonal cakes, and birthday cakes follow the same general principle;


6inch  8inch  10inch 

12 Portions

This one is easy, just slice the cake into 12 equal slices

20 Portions

Move in a couple of inches (about 5 cm) from the edge.

Cut out a circle, cut the outer ring into 16 pieces.

Cut the core into 4 more pieces.

28 Portions

Move in a couple of inches (about 5 cm) from the edge.

Cut out a circle, cut the outer ring into 18 pieces.

Cut the core into 10 more pieces.


So, you can mix and match the different bases to get everything from 12, to 60 slices, and following these guides all your slices will be between 120g and 150g depending on the flavour and decoration.

Tusen takk for nydelig mat og kaker! Alle er så imponert over hvor godt det var, og så koselig! Flinke er dere!


- Nina, Skedsmokorset